"The Mesh Warrior" Flower Temporary Tattoo

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***100% of the proceeds from the sale of this item go to The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the injured to help others!***

 $10 for 20 Temporary "Tattoos" - Wearable Awareness and Art!

Have fun with this temporary tattoo!

Shock your friends and family with your new "tattoo" just for a good laugh or use this temporary "tattoo" as a fun and interactive way to connect with kids & grandkids.

Give them a "real" tattoo and use it as a teaching moment to tell them about mesh injury.

This functional and FUN product can also be an everyday accessory!!

(Apply with water; remove with simple rubbing alcohol. Instructions enclosed.)


-2" x 2" full color Mesh Flower

-Temporary (lasts about 3-5 days, even with bathing or sweating)

-Removable with simple rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad