8G USB Medical Bracelet - Black Leather

***100% of the proceeds from the sale of this item to The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the injured to help others!***

Please don't forget to choose the correct size from the drop-down menu above before placing your order.

This 100% hand-woven leather and stainless steel bracelet is form and function to perfection. It's laser engraved with the #TMWF name and flower icon for mesh awareness.

The 2G USB stick serves as a clasp, and is meant to be a stylish bracelet to which you can add all your more important medical information, making your background as a mesh-injured patient available in an emergency or a regular doctors office, making your visits easier on you and having the ability to provide consistent medical records to all providers in your care team.

Our bracelets come pre-loaded with a proprietary security software that enables you to keep your information private at all times, even should you lose your bracelet.

One of the most important ways you can be involved in your healthcare is to OWN a copy of all your medical records. 

The bracelet provides you with the ability to carry a digital copy of your records including images and scans at all times. We recommend you keep paper copies with you as well for all doctors visits and of course a back up electronic copy of all records somewhere safe and in a different place than your bracelet or other hard copies.


Small:  16 - 17 cm (6.3" - 6.7")

Medium:  18 -19 cm (7.0" - 7.4")

Large:  20 - 21 cm (7.9" -8.3")

Xtra Large:  22-23 cm  cm or (8.6" - 9.1" / additional cost of $5



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