Mesh Injury Awareness

All of our items are hand-picked to best represent mesh injury, an often "invisible" illness. We choose items that are made of natural fibers like cotton, wool and denim and do our best to ensure there is NO POLYPROPYLENE and NO PLASTIC of any kind in our "Mesh Injury Awareness" products. We source products that are made of stainless steel, precious metals, and semi-precious or precious jewels, glass, and crystal. We support YOU, not the plastics industry.

We hope you'll enjoy wearing these items as a way to educate others about your injury or the injury of a loved one, and for those days that you just don't feel like talking about mesh, we have thoughtfully designed the mesh flower and our awareness items so that they are fashionable in and of themselves. We want you to feel cared for by our #TMWF community just by adorning yourself with items that represent the support of millions of patients and families affected by a polypropylene mesh device.